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Conversations with changemakers


Our mission is to coach the next generation of impact entrepreneurs to lobby for change.

So, why be your own in-house lobbyist?

  • Nobody knows your company better than you do. 

  • The approach is more genuine and personal than that of a third-party lobbying firm.

  • Develop authentic strategic partnerships with government.

  • Increase your systems-level thinking and discover insights by viewing the context through a new lens.

  • Push policy that exactly fits your needs to gain a competitive edge and maximize impact.

  • Save money.

  • Become an invaluable asset to your company.


Are you an impact entrepreneur? Do you seek to learn how to lobby for structural change in society, energizing the sustainable enterprise movement? Luckily, you've met us.

Clients of Civil Impact must incorporate as a Public Benefit Corporation or infuse social and environmental sustainability within their corporate governing documents. Corporate stewardship and responsibility shall be core to the processes and output of the business. Our vision is to scale sustainable enterprise to the entire economy, to realize the successful fusion of free-market capitalism with humansim, compassion, and love for nature.