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Did you know that politicians can enrich themselves by passing legislation favorable to their own stock holdings? That means that if they own stock in private prisons, they are profiting from police brutality and mass incarceration. If they own stock in fossil fuels, they profit off of the pollution of our air, water and land. If they own stock in arms manufacturing, they profit off of the proliferation of war, aggression and violence. It's a frightening realization that there are people in power who are effectively incentivized to pass harmful, destructive policy. Our mission is to root out corrupt corporate interests and realize a government that is truly for the people. 


What We Do


Civil Impact analyzes the public financial disclosure documents of American politicians. We endorse candidates who #Divest from fossil fuels, arms and weapons, private prisons, factory farms, forest clearing, Big Tobacco, and other industries that are destructive to the environment and/or society. We have a keen preference for candidates who #ImpactInvest into social and sustainable enterprise. Lastly, Civil Impact candidates support social and environmental justice in both their rhetoric and policy.

Outreach & Advocacy

Civil Impact brings a spotlight to politicians' greedy, self-serving practice of passing legislation favorable to their own stock portfolios. We want to educate the public on this undermining of democracy and start a social movement to demand our elected officials #Divest from unethical and destructive industries. Our efforts to increase civic engagement around this issue will compound with our efforts to lobby for systemic change. We will root out this form of corporate influence and power.

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